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Hellroaring Review first appeared online in 2012.  Our aspiration was to become a top-paying market for flash fiction. Our first year was exciting, and the Review was well-received.

But the work we did led to a freelance editing contract for our executive editor. It was an opportunity to learn and to grow, but it meant we had to draw the shades and dim the lights in 2013.

The dream never dimmed. It grew. It coalesced and crystallized. In 2014 we rebranded as Hellroaring Media, with Hellroaring Review as the flagship project.

Over the last two years our team has brainstormed, problem solved, researched, and strategized … all leading up to Spring 2017.

Hellroaring Media and Hellroaring Review are going to beautify the world.
It’s going to be spectacular — you don’t want to miss this!